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DDC Fuel Services separates ourselves from other fuel system contractors by customer services, attention to detail, meeting schedules and our documentation all are superior to other fuel system contractor.  We are a Texas based fuel system contractor specializing in tank installations and removals, leak detection and tank monitoring for turn-key fuel storage systems.  We furnish and install tanks, piping, tank level monitors, tank and piping leak detection, pumping systems and controls for fuel systems. 

New Construction:  DDC Fuel Services offer turn-key Aboveground and or Underground fuel system installations.  Our primary focus is critical power backup fuel systems to hospitals and data centers.  DDC Fuel Services installs fuel system that you can count on in emergency situations.  Our professional staff has been installing fuel system for over 27 years all over Texas and into Oklahoma.  More and more Churches, Office Buildings and even Art Museums have emergency generators for critical power back up. 

If you have an emergency generator that needs a fuel system or an emergency generator with a belly tank that needs a remote fill station, the atmospheric and emergency vents routed outside the building structure per NFPA requirements - DDC can be of service. 

Annual Maintenance Contracts:  Inspect your aboveground or underground fuel system and all fuel system components that are in contact with fuel.  Today ultra low sulfur diesel is highly corrosive to all the metals.  After each inspection we will submit a report of our findings with photos and our maintenance recommendations.  

Fuel Testing and Filtering:  DDC Fuel Services primary focus is critical power backup for fuel systems.  Diesel fuel that is in storage tanks is susceptible to contamination and untreated will degrade.  DDC as part of our maintenance program will test fuel to detect any deterioration, water contamination and sludge formation.  Once an analysis of the fuel is complete.  DDC will polish or filter the fuel to remove any sediment, contaminants and water in the fuel tank. Lastly the fuel treatment to boost your fuel back to the fuel you can depend on.  The fuel treatment will stabilize your fuel, prevent gelling in cold temperatures, and fight microorganism growth. 

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks:  DDC Fuel Services are TCEQ certified to install or remove your Underground Fuel Storage Tanks.

Equipment:  We partner with the top equipment suppliers in the fuel industry.  The manufacturers we use are always on the preferred the list in the fuel system specifications.  Aboveground Tanks, Underground Tanks, Day Tanks, Pump Skids, Submersible Pumps, Filter Systems and Remote Fill Stations. 

Tank Monitoring and Leak detection:  DDC Fuel Services installs a complete tank level monitoring and leak detection system to insure your company is compliant with TCEQ.  The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.

When we say a "turn-key" system we mean a turn-key system.  Everything fuel related we have it!